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Discovery Times Three

Discovery Middle School was awarded a Doosan Discovery STEM Grant. “Discover” how the funds will be used.


Technology teachers at Discovery Middle School (DMS) have received the Doosan Discovery Grant for their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related classroom projects. The grant will provide the DMS Tech Leaders Initiative with either a new iPod and case, or a GoPro. Remaining funds will be used to renew a WeVideo subscription – a cloud-based video editing software. The GoPro/iPod will be used by the students to create videography and photography projects.

This student-run organization includes more than 60 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who have an interest in technology and personal learning devices, along with an interest in learning more about technology careers.

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Discovery operates this program to teach students to be leaders and role models regarding the use of technology. The initiative was created to teach students technology skills and how to use technology tools to assist their peers and teachers in the classroom setting. Each month, students sign up for meeting jobs – leader, secretary, apps/program teacher, etc. – to gain experience in running a business meeting and being a leader. They are learning about emerging technology for classes, with a goal of assisting teachers to implement the new technology into curriculum.

Schools that were considered for this grant incorporated interactive and creative classroom projects dealing with science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Although application project ideas to submit are limited only by your imagination, Doosan employees did call out a few areas they showed the most interest in: designed to improve, advance, and enrich student learning; one-time, one year implementation and evaluation; involve students directly and incorporate community resources; utilize interdisciplinary or team-teaching strategies.

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“This year the iPod (and our only iPad) have been used to take pictures for our Greenscreen project with the DMS library to promote reading called iRead. Backgrounds are selected by students to capture the book they are reading, and Tech Leaders have recorded teacher book talks that have been shared with the school,” said Rachel Heggen.

The Doosan Discovery Grant is run by Doosan Bobcat. Bobcat supports classroom projects focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).