You’re Hired!

This middle school project-based learning opportunity involved EVERYONE – all the students in the school, their teachers, and a whole lot of volunteer community members, too! Middle School-Wide “You’re Hired” Activity This learning activity wasn’t about memorizing facts and figures for later testing. It was about applying learned concepts in meaningful, original ways to real-world…
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graduates lifting mortarboards

Dropout Prevention: The Power Of Relationships

Something as simple as a relationship with a caring adult can positively impact a student’s likelihood of graduation from high school. By Amy Riccio, Fargo Public Schools Dropout Prevention Coordinator In the world of K–12 education, students, parents, and educators are all working toward an end product: a high school diploma for the student. The…
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graphic of check mark in box and words VOTE 2017

Mill Levy Election FAQs

Fargo Public Schools will hold an election on March 7, 2017 for approval of a specified mill levy. Approval would grant FPS the authority to maintain its current standard of effort at 127 mills. Get answers to the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding this issue. For additional information and resources regarding Fargo Public Schools mill…
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Copyrights, Creativity, And Digital Citizens

By Fargo Public Schools Library Programs Coordinator Amy Soma If you have a creative child who enjoys producing videos and other multimedia products and sharing them online, they could unintentionally violate copyright law by using music and images found online without obtaining permission from the artist. Nothing will stifle a child’s creativity faster than a…
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Trollwood Unveils 2017 Programs

By TPAS Executive Director Kathy Anderson Trollwood Performing Arts School is a unique youth arts education and leadership organization that operates as a program of the Fargo Public Schools. We present performing and production arts learning opportunities for students ages 6 through graduated high school seniors. In 2017, Trollwood will offer 12 youth arts programs.…
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