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Celebrating Our 2017-18 Retirements

By Fargo Public Schools Human Resources Director Brittnee Nikle It’s an exciting time of year at Fargo Public Schools, spring has arrived, even if the weather isn’t fully cooperating, and the school year is nearing its end.  For our retirees, it marks the end of their time with Fargo Public Schools, but the beginning of…
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Balancing Technology In Our Lives

By Officer Ryan Dietrich, School Resource Officer at Carl Ben Eielson The relationship between technology and our kids is amazing, yet sometimes horrible.  We all love technology, but at times I wish we didn’t have so much access. I remember growing up and working all summer for my dad.  Nobody had cell phones, so we…
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Kindergarten Registration 2018-19

By Fargo Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rachael Agre Fargo Public Schools is excited to welcome students to the kindergarten class of 2018-19 school year on August 23, 2018! Going to kindergarten is an important step for your child. It will help them learn skills that they will build on throughout life. At kindergarten your…
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Project Based Learning: Earthquake Edition

How easy is it to make a structure earthquake proof? Although we cannot always accurately detect the strength of earthquakes, students in Mr. Olson’s Earth Science class at Ben Franklin Middle School will test ways to build structures to be architecturally sound. On Monday, March 19, 136 students from Mr. Olson’s five Earth Science classes…
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Coaching Permits And Renewals

By FPS Student Activities & Programs Director Todd Olson   NDHSAA Coaching Permit Requirements In the Fall of 2013, the North Dakota High School Activities Association (NDHSAA) began requiring a NDHSAA Coaching Permit for all coaches who work with athletes in grades 9 –12. The Fargo Public Schools certifies approximately 260 permitted coaches on April…
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