students in costume standing in line

The Role Of A Lifetime

Have you ever wanted to be someone else, just for a little bit? Maybe even claim their 15 minutes of fame for yourself? Well, these third grade students recently did just that! The 88 third graders at Kennedy Elementary School researched a famous individual, wrote his or her biography, and slipped into character to present…
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students walking in a hallway

The Role Of A School Counselor

School counselors play many roles for area students. By Fargo Public Schools Counselor Coach Janelle Stahl Ladbury Did you know… Fargo Public Schools has 35 professional school counselors working with our 11,321 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The purpose of the Fargo Public School’s Counseling program is to encourage and assist all students in understanding…
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opiod overdose kits component

Narcan Placed In Area Schools

Fargo Cass Public Health and Area Schools Work Together to Save Lives Fargo Cass Public Health has joined forces with all Cass County high schools and middle schools to increase community-wide prevention efforts in response to an opioid overdose emergency. This effort is sponsored by a State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis (STR) grant…
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two students talking on cell phones

Text Less, Talk More: The Art Of Communication

Communication in the digital age is an important skill to master. Learn more, including a few suggested tips. By Fargo Police Department Cultural Liaison Officer Vincent Kempf William H. Whyte once said, The great enemy of communication is the illusion of it. Today with the internet, cell phones, and other electronic devices; communication should be…
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large group of middle school students

Discovery Times Three

Discovery Middle School was awarded a Doosan Discovery STEM Grant. “Discover” how the funds will be used.   Technology teachers at Discovery Middle School (DMS) have received the Doosan Discovery Grant for their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related classroom projects. The grant will provide the DMS Tech Leaders Initiative with either a new…
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