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Annual Staff Recognition Awards – 2018 Accolades And Awards

At surprise presentations made in April and May at staff meetings and school assemblies, three Fargo Public Schools (FPS) staff members were honored for their outstanding performance and service this school year to the students, families, and schools of the Fargo Public School District.

amandaAmanda Boyeff, special education teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, received the Teacher of the Year award due to her passion about education and dedication to ensuring each student in her classroom is cared for in a unique way.







brianBrian Sokolofsky, operations & maintenance delivery driver, was named the Support Staff of the Year award due to his work ethic, positive attitude, flexibility, dedication and reliability.








jeffJeff Reznecheck, principal of Centennial Elementary School, was awarded the Administrator of the Year due to his willingness to go above and beyond in his role as an administrator.








The District was overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of nominations submitted by community members for consideration for these three awards. Colleagues, students, and parents submitted narratives that told of nominees’ amazing levels of dedication, positive attitudes, abounding creativity, and sincere commitment to students and education, along with heart-warming examples of student and staff success stories due to a nominee’s influence. There were a record number of nominations submitted this year.

The FPS Staff Recognition Program is more than public recognition of a few people each year—it is truly about the amazing qualities and commitment to students and learning that the entire staff of teachers, administrators, and support staff members exhibits and shares with the community each and every day.

Here are the listings of all the 2018 Staff Recognition Program Nominees:


The FPS Teacher of the Year recipient is forwarded to the North Dakota Department of Instruction as a candidate for the North Dakota Teacher of the Year, which is awarded in the fall. There were 149 nominees for the 2018 Fargo Public School District Teacher of the Year Award.

First Name Last Name Position School
Donna Aho CTE-Health Careers Davies
Hans Anderson Social Studies-MS 8th Discovery
Jan Anderson Specialist-Title Woodrow Wilson
Josh Andres Counselor Davies
Stephen Arel Social Studies HS Davies
Sydney Azure Grade 5 Lewis and Clark
Branton Baarstad Grade 4 Horace Mann Roosevelt
Kimberlea Baarstad Kindergarten Washington
Rebecca Bates Reading Recovery Lewis and Clark
Dawn Beasley Title-Reading Ed Clapp
Casey Behm Music-Vocal Davies
Nicole Beier Social Studies HS South
Jill Bergren World Lang-French Davies
Margo Bernardy Math-MS Ben Franklin
Valerie Bock Grade 1 Centennial
Kimberly Bollinger Grade 1 Bennett
Cindi Bondy Science-HS Davies
Darcy Brandenburg Music-Band Davies
Sarah Bratlien Sp Ed-SLD Lincoln
Shawn Brekke Music-Band Ben Franklin
Heather Bronaugh Math-HS Davies
Amy Burdick ELL-Soc Studies Davies
Susan Callies ILC Davies
Rodney Capistran Math-HS North
Laura Christensen Language Arts HS Davies
Susan Clark Grade 4 Ed Clapp
Rachel Consdorf Science-HS North
Tom Cross  CTE-Auto South
Bonita Daily Sp Ed-SLD Jefferson
Jessica DeJong Science-MS 8th Discovery
Kelsey Dragosavich Music-Band North
Dakota Draper Social Studies HS Woodrow Wilson
Ann Duchscher Facilitator-Gifted Services Carl Ben Eielson
Lana Duffey Feeley CTE-FACS Davies
Taryn Erickson Science-MS 7th Discovery
Kate Evenson Counselor North
Michael Feickert Math-HS North
Christopher Gast Grade 4 Bennett
Heidi Geiselhart Kindergarten Bennett
Erin Gigstad Sp Ed-SLP Longfellow
Anna Gilbertson Science-HS North
Lisa Gingerich Art North
Brittany Gores Counselor Lewis and Clark
Danielle Grant Sp Ed Strategist Clara Barton Hawthorne
Sarah Gress-Winter Kindergarten Horace Mann Roosevelt
Deborah Hallquist Health Education North
Sarah Hanson Music-Vocal Ben Franklin
Laura Hanson Grade 1 Clara Barton Hawthorne
Scott Hanson Title-Reading Jefferson
Patrick Healey Science-MS 8th Discovery
Tyler Hetland Physical Education Eagles
Jennifer Hoime Language Arts HS South
Brittany Holten ELL-Elementary Ed Clapp
Becky Holter Sp Ed-ID Longfellow
Susan Honl Grade 3 Eagles
Michael Hrdlicka Science-MS 8th Discovery
Leisa Hrdlicka Grade 1 Lewis and Clark
John Johanson Social Studies HS Davies
Liz Johnson Grade 5 Bennett
Katie Johnson Kindergarten Bennett
Erica Johnson Grade 1 Eagles
Courtney Johnson ELL-Math South
Jenny Kading Grade 2 Clara Barton Hawthorne
Jacob Kienzle Language Arts-MS 7th Discovery
Aaron Kliniske Grade 4 Eagles
Steven Knutson Art Discovery
Lori Koenig Language Arts HS North
Susan Kolstad Grade 1 Clara Barton Hawthorne
Dawn Kruckenberg Kindergarten Centennial
Rachel Lacher Library Media Specialist Lewis and Clark
Michal Lang Music-Orchestra Davies
Laura Langley Kindergarten Jefferson
Julie Larson Grade 1 Bennett
Cassie Larson Counselor Eagles
Melissa Larson Sp Ed-ED South
Louis Lauer Library Media Specialist Jefferson
Kerri Lee Math-MS 8th Ben Franklin
Rachel Lee Grade 2 Clara Barton Hawthorne
Keith Lehman Math-HS North
Krystle Leidholm Math-HS Davies
Sara Lichtblau Music-Vocal South
Jennifer Lindsay Grade 4 Kennedy
Megan Linstaedt Kindergarten Centennial
Katherine Love CTE-FACS Ben Franklin
Jonathan Lucht Music-Band Discovery
Jessica Lura Grade 2 Bennett
Jessica Magnuson Science-MS 6th Carl Ben Eielson
Bart Manson Social Studies HS Davies
Nicole Manson Grade 2 Lincoln
Kathy McArthur Grade 4 Eagles
Bernadette Medbery Grade 3 Kennedy
Jenna Meyers Title-Reading Jefferson
David Midgarden Language Arts HS North
Kimiko Milligan Student Performance Strategist Eagles
Denae Monson  Grade 2 Washington
Steven Muhs ROTC South
Lisa Nelson Language Arts HS 9th Davies
Carol Nelson Health Education Davies
Nicole Nelson Student Performance Strategist Lincoln
Theresa Nygaard Science-MS 7th Ben Franklin
Emily Oberg Grade 1 Bennett
Michelle Ohren Grade 2 Longfellow
Kristina Olson Grade 2 Horace Mann Roosevelt
Ross Olson Physical Education Lincoln
Tammy Osvold Sp Ed-SLD North
Lisa Ouradnik Grade 3 Horace Mann Roosevelt
Michael Pfeifer Grade 5 Bennett
Jacob Puhl Language Arts HS North
Amanda Quintus Sp Ed-ED Davies
Leah Ramstad Language Arts HS North
Brittney Rehm World Lang-Spanish North
Jodi Rerick Sp Ed-SLD Discovery
Joe Riley  CTE-Construction North
Sean Ritchie Social Studies HS North
Jocelyn Robbins Kindergarten Madison
Kary Sandy Sp Ed-Autism Carl Ben Eielson
Steven Saville Math-MS 7th Ben Franklin
Kari Schiller Sp Ed-SLP Horace Mann Roosevelt
Laurie Schlenker Counselor South
Scott Schmidt Language Arts HS Davies
Emily Schneider Language Arts HS North
David Schultz Science-HS Davies
Erin Sinner Language Arts HS Davies
Kelli Sitzler-Erickson CTE-Marketing North
Kurt Skari Social Studies-MS 7th Carl Ben Eielson
Linda Sorby Grade 1 Horace Mann Roosevelt
Brock Stenberg Math-HS Davies
Sandra Sterling Grade 1 Washington
Verlene Stotts Music-Band Discovery
Elizabeth Strinden Grade 2 Clara Barton Hawthorne
Regan Teslaw Grade 1 Longfellow
Cori Thielges Kindergarten Kennedy
Yvonne Timian Gifted Services Eagles
Elizabeth Townsend Sp Ed Strategist Clara Barton Hawthorne
Gregory Unruh Science-HS North
James Urlacher World Language Discovery
Melanie Van Soelen Language Arts-MS 7th Carl Ben Eielson
Karla Volrath Grade 1 Washington
Julia Warner Gifted Services Bennett
Paula Weiler Coach – Technology Carl Ben Eielson
Loretta Wellentin Social Studies HS Davies
Ryan Wenaas Math-HS Davies
Justine Westphal Sp Ed-ID Davies
Jennifer Wicklow Student Performance Strategist Washington
Shana Wolff Grade 1 Eagles
Luke Worthington World Lang-Spanish South
Heather Yarber Language Arts HS Davies
Melissa Youngs Sp Ed-SLD Eagles



There were 67 nominees for the 2018 Fargo Public School District Support Staff of the Year Award.

First Name Last Name Position School
Kristin Archbold Administrative Assistant Madison
Rebekah Atkins Paraprofessional North
Thomas Bommersbach Engineer-Middle School Carl Ben Eielson
Elizabeth Bramel Paraprofessional Eagles
Pamela Brauch Paraprofessional Kennedy
Mike Brown Paraprofessional North
Tricia Bry Administrative Assistant Clara Barton Hawthorne
Stacey Bush Attendance Clerk North
Mary Jo Caulfield Paraprofessional Davies
Karrin Christians Paraprofessional Lincoln
Nick Culkins Custodian Clara Barton Hawthorne
Elda Deleon Custodian Davies
Julie Emery Hetland Office Assistant Clara Barton Hawthorne
Peggy Fischer NS Manager-Elem Washington
Jennifer Fisher Paraprofessional Bennett
Barb Fisher Office Assistant Horace Mann Roosevelt
Zachary Fjelstad Engineer-Elem-Small Clara Barton Hawthorne
Lorrie Frendin Paraprofessional Clara Barton Hawthorne
Linda Froysland Paraprofessional Davies
Carly Gaddie Social Worker-ELL Eagles
Diane Garske Executive Assistant District Office
Ashley Goble Paraprofessional Davies
Traci Gothberg Paraprofessional Kennedy
Julie Graalum Office Assistant Lewis and Clark
Staci Grenz Paraprofessional Eagles
Stacy Hanson Office Assistant Kennedy
Mary Harms Administrative Assistant Longfellow
Sandy Hasbrouck Paraprofessional Eagles
Jacob Himle Paraprofessional Eagles
Alaina Johnson Positive Behavioral Interventionist Jefferson
Cynthia Jordet Library Assistant Lewis and Clark
Amy Kingzett School Resource Officer Discovery
Julie Kloster Paraprofessional North
Jill Larson Paraprofessional Horace Mann Roosevelt
Allison Law Paraprofessional North
Nicole Lees NS Manager-Elem Kennedy
Bret Maughan Paraprofessional Ben Franklin
Kathy Moe Paraprofessional Eagles
Karen Moore Manager Dist Assessment Data District Office
Amy Moser School Nurse Clara Barton and Bennett
Curry Mund Paraprofessional Woodrow Wilson
Mike Navarro Engineer-High School South
Shannon Nowak NS Manager-Sec Davies
Erica Olson Paraprofessional Lincoln
Ann Palm Secretary District Office
Chandra Pokhrel Paraprofessional Ed Clapp
Lenore Prisinzano Administrative Assistant Lewis and Clark
Nanci Qualey Paraprofessional Eagles
Amy Riccio Social Worker All Schools
David Rice NS Manager – Operations Central Kitchen
Andrea Roach Administrative Assistant Carl Ben Eielson
Sandra Roberts NS Manager-Elem Bennett
Diane Sanders Paraprofessional Longfellow
Kim Schatzke Paraprofessional Eagles
Suzanne Schierer Paraprofessional South
Pam Schilling Paraprofessional Luther Hall
Nathan Schue Driver-Delivery Warehouse Operations Center
Jennifer Schultz Secretary District Office
Nicole Selch Paraprofessional Lincoln
Julie Sorenson Paraprofessional Ed Clapp
Katie Thompson Paraprofessional Eagles
Donna Unrue Administrative Assistant Ben Franklin
Jeremy Van Soelen Attendance Clerk Carl Ben Eielson
Deb Villella Paraprofessional Discovery
Yolanda Wilde-Swenson Administrative Assistant Horace Mann Roosevelt
Rita Ystebo Paraprofessional Ben Franklin




There were 14 nominees for the 2018 Fargo Public School District Administrator of the Year Award.

First Name Last Name Position School
Mark Blanshan Assistant Principal North
Travis Christensen Assistant Principal/Activities Coordinator North
Troy Cody Principal Davies
Jason Cresap Principal Lewis and Clark
Andrew Dahlen Principal North
Rebecca Folden Principal Clara Barton-Hawthorne
Brad Franklin Principal Jefferson
Eric Henrickson Principal Longfellow
Megan Kiser Principal Lincoln
Shannen Martin Assistant Principal Ben Franklin
John Nelson Principal Ben Franklin
Karrie Rage Principal Kennedy
Jennifer Schuldheisz Principal Ed Clapp


The Fargo Public School District wishes to congratulate and thank each and every 2018 Staff Recognition Program nominee and award winner for their dedication to their students, their school, and the District. Together, we are educating and empowering all students to succeed!

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