rows of colorful paper chains

Great Kindness Challenge Week

slips of color paper with writing on themWho knew something as simple as a compliment or a helping hand could spread so much kindness?

All students and staff from Ed Clapp Elementary – as well as representatives from Bethel Church, Adopt-A-School Partner Essentia Health, and James Carlson Library – filled the Ed Clapp gymansium on January 29 in completion of a competition from The Great Kindness Challenge week. Ed Clapp Elementary students challenged these organizations to do a good deed daily, and make note when they saw a kind gesture happen in their office. The notes were then made into paper chains.

The Great Kindness Challenge week is recognized by schools in more than 90 countries. In 2017, more than ten million students were involved in more than 15 thousand schools, sharing millions of acts of kindness. Students were able to partake in this challenge because of the planning of Ed Clapp’s School Climate Committee. The committee gathered materials for the week from the official website and sent out instructions to parents so that they would be able help their children plan out the type of compliments to give. Materials included a list of kindness challenges for the students to read with graphics drawing out the challenge (such as: Smile at 25 People, Compliment Five People, Help a Younger Student, etc.), and a more comprehensive list for parents in a checklist format. Parents were encouraged to participate and write down a compliment or note when they saw their child do something kind at home, adding to the final paper chain link.

 At the end of the challenge week, each class tallied up their final paper chain numbers and brought the count to the gymnasium for a reveal with the heap of colorful paper on tablecompeting businesses. Ed Clapp Counselor Nancy Tisor welcomed the representatives from Essentia Health and Bethel Church to the event and asked them to announce their numbers.

 Coming in at third place was Bethel Church, with 60 paper links. Second place was given to Essentia Health with 422 links. And coming in at first place was Ed Clapp Elementary with a whopping total 2,541 paper links!

These students have proven that even the simplest of gestures can spread kindness.





Nancy Tisor, Ed Clapp counselor; Leah Deyo from Essentia Health; and
Jonas Bundy from Bethel Church announce the Great Kindness Challenge
final numbers.

 two students holding paper chain






Ed Clapp fifth graders Keegan Erstad and Maryam Bindeyan showing off

the kindness links.