group of people feet on ice

School-Wide Ice Skating Competition

On your mark…get set…GO!

kids racing on ice skatesNo one missed out on this afternoon of winter fun on January 19, which was first hosted thirty-five years ago. Each winter, Clara Barton Elementary School holds an “Ice Skating Classic” event to provide its students with friendly competition while getting some outside exercise. On a sunny Friday afternoon, students in grades one through five laced up their skates, lined up next to their opponents, and were off.

Students had been practicing skating skills all week in their physical education class in preparation for the races. The first race began with the first group of girls ice skating in a linegraders and beginning skaters, with a new group every few minutes. Races were split up into multiple groups: skating holding chairs, boy or girl hockey players, girl figure skaters, boy skaters, and girl skaters. Each race included six students and was flagged to start by Clara Barton Elementary staff. As each race ended, students were given a ribbon, with ranking of first through sixth place per group race. They then skated over to grab hot cocoa and celebrate.

This event drew a large crowd of spectators, including volunteers from Park Company, Forum Communications Company, Dawson Insurance, and the school’s PTA, who were there handing out hot cocoa and ribbons. Some of the school’s current teachers are former Clara Barton students and have participated in past Classic events as racers, making this event memorable.

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