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Students Research “How To Fix Indoor Recess”

students in front of screenWith an average high temperature of 18 degrees in January, going outside for recess is not always appealing for students, or the recess supervisors.  Fourth graders in Mike Grant’s class from Jefferson Elementary had a discussion in class about indoor recess; the students suggested change was needed. They were then given a Project Based Learning assignment that challenged them to make indoor recess more enjoyable.

Students jumped right into the research by sending surveys to fourth and fifth grade teachers and staff. Students also interviewed recess supervisors and two administrators.

Using the compiled data, students worked in groups to come up with solutions to make indoor recess better for students.

Most groups mentioned something about getting more board games, as many students like those,” said Grant.  “So, some researched the cost of them to present to a panel of our two administrators, school media specialist, and a recess supervisor.

Other ideas ranged from setting up a table where students could play on the computer, to providing art supplies, and a corner of the room for reading. Each idea the students came up with was backed up with data-driven research they found online, or from conducting interviews. If an idea required financing, they researched the price, which was presented to the panel of judges.

In the weeks following the presentations, panel members discussed asking parents to donate board games to put the ideas into action. Jefferson Principal Brad Franklin will share his final thoughts for implementation of ideas in the near future.

During this project, students learned how to take survey results from a Google Sheet and make a graph to present. They learned how to comb through multiple bits of data to combine it into a plan and present their finding through Google Slides. Most importantly, they discovered how to collaborate with one another.