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Benefits Of Career Expos

By Dr. Denise Jonas, Cass County Career & Technical Education Center Executive Director

Remember back when you were a child or a high school student, all the thoughts and ideas you had about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Banker, dentist, marine, florist, professional football player. Maybe it was influenced by your family, a teacher, personal interests, or just a lofty idea that sounded cool at the time. Was the path chosen the right fit or was the journey met with students standing around screens in stadiumexperiences, twists, and turns due to a lack of understanding about the career and what it took to get there?

Fargo Public Schools recognizes the importance of providing elementary, middle, and high schools students with opportunities for “Career Awareness, Career Exploration, and Career Preparation.” Exposing students to a variety of career pathways will help them become better informed to identify their passion, develop career goals, make high school course selections aligning with their goals, and ultimately, identify post-secondary programs or opportunities to best prepare them for their future beyond high school.

One annual career exploration event for Fargo high school’s freshmen is the “Health, Tech, and Trades Career Expo” sponsored by the Fargo Moorhead Home Builders Association and Homebuilders Care. The Expo is designed to expose freshmen students to career and educational opportunities in the region, focused on high-need, high-wage, and high-tech career opportunities in the trades, technology and health care industries. The focus of the event is on two-year colleges, technical degrees, apprenticeship opportunities, and technical careers, yet with the understanding these can lead to further options depending on the student’s career pathway.

To learn more details about the “Health, Tech, and Trades Career Expo” slated for November 30 at the Fargo Dome, go to the Career Expo website. More than 40 schools, 3,500 students, and 100 business and college exhibits will be available for students to interact with and field questions.