students walking in a hallway

The Role Of A School Counselor

School counselors play many roles for area students.

By Fargo Public Schools Counselor Coach Janelle Stahl Ladbury

Did you know… Fargo Public Schools has 35 professional school counselors working with our 11,321 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The purpose of the Fargo Public School’s Counseling program is to encourage and assist all students in understanding themselves and in gaining and utilizing life-long learning skills. The program is comprehensive, developmental, and preventative in nature. Fargo Public School’s Counseling program is based on national, state, and local standards which address the comprehensive needs of our students.

The school counselors work with all students to explore career interests, personal/social growth and development, and academic skills. The school counselors are part of a collaborative team comprised of teachers, administrators, and families to help and encourage all students to reach their fullest potential. Additionally, Fargo’s school counselors can connect students and families with school and community resources to provide extra support to the student, as needed. Fargo’s school counselors work with students in a variety of settings including classroom lessons, small groups, and individually.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child and how your school counselor can be of assistance, please call to speak directly with your child’s assigned counselor about your concerns. A list of individual Fargo Public School Counselors can be found at this link or you may contact one of the counseling course captains:

  • High School – Janelle Stahl Ladbury, email or 701.446.2414
  • Middle School – Kylie Wallender, email or 701.446.1713
  • Elementary School – Nancy Tisor, email or 701.446.2938