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2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Overview

By Broc Lietz, Fargo Public Schools Business Services Manager

On September 26, 2017, the Board of Education provided final budget approval for the 2017–18 general fund operating budget. Business Services has since provided the budget to the Cass County Auditor’s office for certification, which is the final step in the fiscal year budget process.

The General Fund budget was presented with a 1.56% increase in revenue. The revenue increase is primarily due to a 6.8% increase in property valuation for Fargo Public Schools District #1, producing $2.4 million in new local revenue. State per pupil aid is based on actual enrollment reported in fiscal year 2016–17, at a rate of $9,646/pupil. As a result of no change in the per pupil payment at the state level and an increase in the contribution from local share in the funding formula, the District is experiencing a reduction in foundation aid of an estimated $ 1,078,277. This brings total revenue for 2017–18 to $150,929,447.

Further, the General Fund saw an increase of 2.80% in expenses compared to prior year actual, bringing the total budget for 2017–18 to $151,265,086. This increase in expenditures result in a deficit budget for 2017–18 of $335,639.

Fiscal year budgeting is a long process that involves many stakeholders throughout the District and beyond.

We count on information from state, county, and city in determining growth in revenue, along with a great deal of input from District leaders to determine expenditure funding needs.

We thank all of you for your time and energy into developing the 2017–18 fiscal year budget. It is this level of commitment and collaboration that helps Fargo Public Schools meet our mission of Educating and Empowering All Students to Succeed.