Pride Of Dakota School Lunch Pairs Food With Learning

By Fargo Public Schools Nutrition Services Director Cindy Hogenson

State on Your Plate: Pride of Dakota School Lunch Day

Fargo Public Schools (FPS) cafeterias will be participating in the 16th Annual Pride of Dakota School Lunch Day, on Thursday, September 28, 2017. Menu items will showcase foods grown or produced in the state of North Dakota. Attention will also be given to the common crops grown in North Dakota and helping students relate those state crops to the food that is on their plates.

girl eating food from school lunch trayServing food connected to North Dakota isn’t a one-day event for FPS Nutrition Services. The school district has partnered with community and statewide vendors for years to provide students with nutritious, high quality meals. Milk from Cass-Clay Creamery, bread and buns from Pan-O-Gold, and SunButter sunflower spread are produced in Fargo and are served at school meals nearly every day. Also served on a regular basis throughout the year are products from Cloverdale (Mandan), Dakota Brands International (Jamestown), and Baker Boy Bake Shop (Dickinson).

The menu on September 28 will feature a plump Cloverdale hotdog on a soft Pan-O-Gold bun. Additional menu items will include French fries from Cavendish Farms (Jamestown), milk from Cass Clay (Fargo) and SunGold Foods (Fargo) honey roasted sunflower kernels.

FPS Nutrition Services sees several benefits to utilizing North Dakota products to serve more than 1.5 million breakfast and lunch meals each school year:

  • It provides students with opportunities for learning related to food, health, agriculture, and nutrition.
  • Working with local producers builds community engagement and strengthens the local economy.
  • It positively impacts students, farmers, and the community.