teacher in front of students seated at desks in a classroom

When Teachers Succeed, Students Succeed

Fargo Public Schools supports teachers new to our school district through a targeted professional development, training, and evaluation program. Learn more about the highly effective New Teacher Induction Program.

By Fargo Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rachael Agre

teacher in front of seated group of young studentsAll children deserve the best learning opportunities possible regardless of the experience of their teacher. All teachers new to the Fargo Public Schools receive professional development and support to accelerate teacher practice for higher student achievement and attainment of standards.

When teachers succeed, students succeed. Fargo Public Schools New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) is in its’ seventh year and has a proven track record of success. Click the linked text to learn more about the highly effective FPS New Teacher Induction Program through some amazing statistics submitted by FPS NTIP Facilitator Joy-el Johnsen.