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The Pace Of Summer

Many Fargo Public Schools teachers use the summer months to engage in professional development to increase their knowledge and ability to provide students with a high quality education. Find out what they accomplished for summer 2017.

The Pace of Summer – for our Teachers

By Fargo Public Schools Standards-Based Education Director Jodell Teiken

“It must be nice to be a teacher and have the summer off.” I have stood next to countless educators who humbly smile when their non-school friends and family utter this phrase. While it may be true that educators enjoy a little flexibility in their summer schedule, it has been my experience that few “take the summer off.”

Here are a few things Fargo Public Schools (FPS) teachers and support staff have been up to since June 1:

Attending and/or Leading Professional Development:

  • Number of classes (logged in Teach2Learn):   101 classes
  • Number of staff taking classes (logged in Teach2Learn):   743 people
  • Number of FPS teachers, administrators, and support staff attending Metro Tech Camp: 229

Collaborating with teaching partners to update curriculum:

  • Number of Curriculum Writing hours:  2,027 hours
  • Number of FPS staff engaged in Curriculum Writing: 152 people

Teaching Summer School:

  • 64 teachers
  • 12 support staff
  • 60 coaches/assistant coaches

Additionally, FPS educators have spent countless hours organizing and leading co-curriculum camps and events, reflecting and planning lessons and activities for the upcoming school year, and attending professional development offered outside of our school district – oftentimes in addition to working summer jobs.

Teachers, I certainly hope you also found time during the summer to catch up with family and friends, read a book, and enjoy well-deserved rest and relaxation. Thank you for the time and commitment you dedicate to the profession. And the next time someone comments about your summer “off,” quietly remind yourself that summer schedules permit educators to enjoy a pace that mere humans are accustomed to all year long!