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FPS Alumni Network

photo portrait of Becky BakkeBy Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation Executive Director Becky Jagelski-Bakke

Congratulations to the Fargo Public Schools Graduating Class of 2017!

We are proud of alumni who have called Fargo Public Schools (FPS) home, and know FPS graduates look back on their school days with fond memories. Chances are many friendships that were formed during those school years continue to this day, perhaps with connections that cover hundreds or thousands of miles.

Statistics and standardized testing show FPS alumni have been and continue to be some of the best prepared students anywhere. Graduates from old Fargo Central, and the current high schools of North, South, Davies and Woodrow Wilson are now scattered across the country, around the world, and in our own back yard. In many cases, FPS graduates have assumed leadership positions in government, business, health care, and other career areas.

The goal of the Fargo Public Schools Alumni Network is to support Fargo Public Schools students by:

  • Fostering connections and nurturing relationships between alumni and friends of the Fargo Public Schools
  • Raising funds in support of programs for the enhancement and enrichment of Fargo’s fine public education system

In addition, we maintain a mailing list of over 30,000 graduates of Fargo Public Schools, which we offer to reunion groups as a service of our office. Helping alumni groups is one of the ways that our mission is fulfilled. It helps graduates feel reconnected to their former schools and builds positive relationships.

logo for FPS Alumni Network; three stacked graduation cpasWe invite all FPS alumni to keep connected in any way you choose to keep memories alive, to honor special traditions, and to take pride in past and future generations of Fargo Public Schools. Start reconnecting with alumni today. Go to and send us an alumni brief or update your contact information.
Or drop us an email at, we would love to hear from you!