Role Models

Football season is long over for the 2016–17 school year, and final team standings are (mostly) forgotten. A group of high school football players, however, has had a memorable impact on others that far outlasts a single sports season.

Davies High School Activities Coordinator Lenny Ohlhauser received the following email from the parents of an elementary student who was positively impacted by six Davies football players. The six young men served as the co-head coaches for a community youth football program last fall. The parent explains the situation and the outcome of this act of community service:

I am not sure if you are aware of the interesting season my son has had playing FM Athletics Football this fall. He was on the 5th/6th grade Redhawks team. They almost didn’t have a team this year, because the organization was unable to find parents to volunteer to take on the responsibility of being the head coach. In early August, parents received an email from FM Athletics stating that the team was still in search of a head coach. As it turned out, several parents were interested in helping assist the team, but not in being the head coach. A little later, we received an email stating some of the young men from the Davies Eagles High School football team would be coaching the Redhawks. Players Ethan Campbell, Mason Hischer, Easton Hoffman, Ethan Mathson, Jake Mathson, and Inno Nsengiyumva took on the responsibility of being the co-head coaches of the FM Athletics Redhawks for their 2016 season.

My son has really enjoyed being coached by and playing for these young men. He says his favorite part of playing for them is that they have made playing football fun, while also teaching the team skills to make them better players.

As a parent, and also someone who has coached youth sports, I have been very impressed with what I have observed of these coaches. I think they have done a great job of balancing making practices fun, teaching football skills, having the team work hard, and, most importantly, always being extremely positive in their feedback to the Redhawks players.

In addition to how they have coached the team, the time commitment these young men have given is also impressive. On more than one occasion, I noticed these coaches running onto the field to get to the start of one of the Redhawks games after coming directly from their own football practice.

I send you this email to let you know what great coaches, role models, and young men these six Davies Eagles football players are, and to share with you what a positive influence they have had on the Redhawks football team in 2016. Our school and our community are very fortunate to have kids like these leaving a positive mark on the next generation of youth. We would love it if these boys could get some recognition in front of their peers, and perhaps inspire others to give of themselves in their own unique ways, too.

The six Davies football players performed this community service for the young players and families of the FM Athletics Redhawks team on the QT. Their actions speak much louder than words ever could. The Davies students became role models to others for far more than their football skills, by also showcasing character, integrity, respect, and a commitment to give back to the community. What a profound impact we could affect on our world today if we all used our individual and combined talents to serve others as these six young men have done.

Bravo, Ethan C., Mason, Easton, Ethan M., Jake, and Inno.   #FPSproud