yellow school bus

“The Wheels On The Bus…

Pinkney, Christopher… go ‘round and ‘round.” Most pre-schoolers and their families are familiar with the words to this popular childhood song. Most families, however, are probably not familiar with the transportation services offered by Fargo Public Schools for the benefit of its enrolled students.

Fargo Public Schools Busing Update by Chris Pinkney, Fargo Public Schools Director of Transportation

Elementary students walk off yellow school busThe yellow school bus is the safest mode of transportation for getting students to and from school. Nationally, the yellow school bus helps to keep an annual estimated 17.3 million cars off roads surrounding schools each day, and more than 22 million students ride the yellow school bus to and from school and on various activity runs each year. Other school busing statistics can be found at:

In July 1994, Fargo Public Schools contracted with Valley Bus Company to provide bus service for in town students, using the traditional yellow school bus. Fargo Public Schools was one of the first large school districts in the state to provide bussing in town. Currently, the cost for operating the bussing system for FPS is just under $5 million annually (2015-16).

With the safety of our students being the ultimate requirement of FPS’s bussing operation, it takes a great number of resources (drivers, support staff, and equipment) to provide transportation to the approximately 8,000 eligible assigned riders (students) of the Fargo Public School District. Here are some additional statistics about FPS Student Transportation for the 2015-16 school year:

  • FPS provided 101 daily bus routes: 47 in-town transportation routes, 5 rural routes, 33 morning and 35 afternoon special needs routes, 2 vocational education routes, and 12 routes running over the noon hour to provide transportation for our Pre-Kindergarten students.
  • During the 2015-16 school year, the buses in the Fargo Public School District drove 604,034.5 miles during regular transportation routes; this does not include additional mileage incurred for activities travel.
  • The yellow school buses within our District drove 3,451 miles total each day.
  • A total number of 1,137,446 rides were delivered to our students on yellow school buses during the 2015-2016 school year.
  • In-city bus routes combined provide more than 6,499 rides each day to our students.

It is quite the orchestration of schedules, drivers, support staff, and equipment to keep the wheels on the bus going ‘round and ‘round to complete the daily task of transporting Fargo Public Schools students safely and
in a timely manner.