One One high school male and line of elementary students pull on rope for game of tub-o-war.

High School PRANK Day – It’s Not What You Think!

A group of local high school seniors participated in the annual tradition of senior “skip” day—but instead of being reprimanded, they are being praised!


On Wednesday, May 21,  the Bruin Class of 2014 at South High skipped morning classes and dedicated themselves to activities that benefit the next generation of Bruins, something known as “Senior P.R.A.N.K. Day” (People Really Appreciate Nice Kids). Now in its third year, the day focused on the connection that the seniors made with the K – 5 students through play and fun activities that reinforced the Six Pillars of Character the elementary students learn and emulate throughout the school year.

Elementary and high school students play with a rainbow-hued parachute.

The seniors went to Clara Barton, Hawthorne, Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, and Lincoln Elementary Schools and engaged the K – 5 students in a variety of activities in and out of the classroom to work, play and assist the classroom teachers. Afterwards, the seniors returned to South High for their annual senior class barbecue picnic, and attended a teambuilding presentation by Rollie Johnson, who has worked extensively with the local Homeless & Hungry program.

older student helps younger students aim ball for a gymnasium game.High school male looks on as elementary kids work in books on floorOne One high school male and line of elementary students pull on rope for game of tub-o-war.High school female sits at table with kids playing dominoes.