Glass Paper Project 2013 Fall Update – Part One

Hands of student on computer tablet deviceTransformation of our traditional four-wall classrooms into 21st century learning environments continues with nearly 3,340 personal learning devices now in the hands of Fargo Public Schools students.

Begun in 2011 and rolled out in fall 2012, the Glass Paper Project is a multi-year effort to leverage technology for learning in our secondary classrooms by deploying personal learning devices to students. Ubiquitous technology access allows teachers to design lessons and activities which focus on student achievement of the Common Core State Standards and the life skills of communication (reading and writing), collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and problem solving. When this vision is achieved, learning resources become transparent.

With the latest round of device deployments completed last week, currently all students taking sophomore courses and above have been assigned a device to use while enrolled at Fargo Public Schools. Deployed within the District are 296 Lenovo PC Laptops and 3,040 Dell Latitude 10 Tablets. Students may utilize their assigned devices inside and outside of school; parent-student contracts articulate expectations for responsible and ethical use, safe practices, and proper care of the device.

This fall, the District enters a second year of assessing personal learning device implementation at the middle school level; following a successful limited pilot program conducted last spring, all sixth graders have now been issued either a laptop or tablet device. Continued middle school and elementary implementation is part of the five-year technology plan being developed for Fargo Public Schools.

Jodell Teiken, Director of Instructional Resources and the District’s point-person for the Glass Paper Project, recently shared,

“Determining which grade is assigned a device has been dependent upon our ability to support programming and provide adequate instructional technology training and coaching at the middle and high school levels. We started our implementation at the high school level and we need to ensure we have adequate technical and instructional support in the middle and elementary levels before adding more hardware.”

The next phase of the Glass Paper Project will take place in fall 2014, when the District will issue personal learning devices to all freshmen.

Full information on the Glass Paper Project since its launch is available on the Fargo Public Schools’ website.

man hidden by armful of carried boxesWhat is Lance Tessman carrying? Read about the inventory & imaging process of the 2013 Glass Paper Project devices in Fall 2013 Update – Part Two, published next week.