SRO helps student at lockerThe Fargo Police Department places a School Resource Officer at each of the Fargo Public School District’s middle and high schools as a preventative policing effort. Meet this year’s SROs and their 2013-14 school building assignments.

The SROs play a valuable role in maintaining a safe school environment beyond their security presence and incident response. These officers also engage students, parents, and staff in educational programming, and assist administration to minimize disruption to the educational process following law enforcement incidents. SROs also carry out these duties on a more limited basis at the District’s elementary schools, as assigned liaisons. In addition, SROs help to administer and monitor a variety of safety and security projects specifically targeted for our students, such as Text-A-Tip, Locker or Lose It, and My Stuff.

Designed to significantly reduce the number of students’ personal property items stolen each year, MY STUFF is a database intended for all students to enter and store the serial numbers of their electronic items and other personal valuables such as i-Pods, tablets, and mobile phones.

You might see our SROs cruising the streets and school parking lots in “Blue Thunder,” a blue 2003 Nissan Maxima. Originally used in the local illegal drug trade, the sedan was refurbished and is now maintained by Skills USA and the District’s automotive technology students. The real value of this vehicle is in the relationships it has created between youth, law enforcement, and the community. Watch the video and read how District students have been involved in many aspects of the entire Blue Thunder project.

Learn about all of the SRO projects linked on the District’s SRO webpage. Scroll through the highlighted projects.

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