Summer Technology Camps To Launch In July

Do you know a Fargo student entering grades 6-9 next year who likes science or technology? In July, the Fargo Public Schools will hold its first-ever summer Technology Camps for middle school students and those entering 9th grade.

The Camps, which will immerse students in the technology that impacts their daily lives, will take place on Tuesday, July 23 at Ben Franklin Middle School; on Wednesday, July 24 at Discovery Middle School; and on Thursday, July 25 at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School.

During the six-hour experiences, attendees will learn how to create apps, explore computer programming, learn about software and websites that will help them manage their schoolwork, and see how technology can help them manage their lifestyle and fitness goals, as well as other topics. This year’s sessions will be taught by NDSU technologist Dr. Jeff Boyer, Ph.D.; VCSU Great Plains STEM Education Center Coordinator Dr. Gary Ketterling, Ph.D.; Sundog Interactive employees; and Fargo Public Schools staff.

The idea for the camps originated earlier this year in conversations between administrators and staff in the middle schools, who were looking for a way to introduce new technology tools for students to use in the classrooms. The group decided that the format of a one-day summer camp would best fit students, and could be structured around fun and engaging topics and activities that would help connect the tools they use in school with those on the outside.

This year’s camps are limited to 50 students per site. The deadline for registration is June 21. For additional information, visit the Tech Camp website or contact Instructional Resources Director Jodell Teiken, 446-1060.