Ben Franklin Art Students Have The Message Covered

Ben Franklin Middle School students – 7th and 8th graders under the direction of art teacher Darin Johnson – along with teachers and administrators, have been working this year on a series of artistic, motivational murals throughout their school to create a more positive atmosphere and promote acceptance and tolerance.

The effort, wrapping up now, includes no less than seven life-sized pieces, and several ceiling tiles. Above and right, students mask and trim the sports-themed mural on the first floor, north of the cafeteria.

Murals completed earlier in the year include several on the first floor and in building’s southwest corner:

The “IMAGINE” mural is to encourage the students to always look forward, stay positive, and imagine the possibilities with hard work, with a good education, and just believe in themselves.



The brick wall mural stretches the length of the staircase between floors has positive/motivational quotes for both students and teachers and a wildcat mascot logo that glows in the dark. Students worked on this mural over the Christmas break, and on several Saturdays to finish it.