World Travelers Coming To Fargo Later This Week

Ready for a world tour without having to leave your seat?

Explorers, authors and photographers (and married couple) Tass Thacker and Bruce B. Junek are coming to the Fargo Schools later this week to hold presentations for students. Their visit will cap with an evening show on Friday, May 10, at 7:00 p.m. with “Unplugged,” 90 minutes of images and stories for the general public in the Ben Franklin Middle School Auditorium. Admission to the event is $8 adults, $5 students.

Angolan refugee in northern Namibia

Together on the road for 36 years, the pair will share photos and humorous and outlandish behind-the-scenes stories—amazing adventures combined with observations about work, play, faith, love, laughter, and the importance of finding meaning and purpose in life.

Through it all, the husband and wife team has traveled and bicycled through 54 countries. During time stateside, Bruce and Tass give public and educational slide programs of their travels in schools across the U.S; more than 1.6 million students have seen their programs. In 2011, they completed a 3-1/2 month bicycle trip across China to develop their “Land of the Dragon” program. Their presentations ultimately end in 20-questions-style conversations, in which common ones about their travels and lifestyle include “How gross did it get?” and “Do we ever fight?”

Bruce giving kids from Himba tribe a ride on his bike, in Namibia.

All images courtesy Bruce Junek and Tass Thacker.