FPS Foundation Awards Over $12,000 In Innovative Education Grants

The February 2013 round of Innovative Education Grant Awards has been completed through the Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide Fargo Public School students with enriched and enhanced learning opportunities. Funding for grants comes from annual donations and investment income from established endowments.

Sixteen of the 18 submitted proposals were selected to receive partial to full funding. Proposals that ranked the highest exhibited innovative teaching and learning techniques, were clear in their educational impact, and directly engaged students with both short-term and long-term impact.

The February 2013 awards, totalling over $12,000, are:

Clara Barton-Hawthorne Elementary
PALS: Peer Assisted Learning Strategies—Peer tutoring program to improve student proficiency in reading. ($320.00)

Clara Barton-Hawthorne Elementary
Adopt-a-School Partners—Support for business partners in Adopt-a-School program to meet with students on a regular basis. ($675.75)

Clara Barton-Hawthorne Elementary
Creatology Lap Pads—Collaboration between Kindergarten and second-grade students utilizing special lap pads to support students’ writing. ($1,244.75)

Horace Mann-Roosevelt Elementary
Summer Library Project—Summer library book check-out and story time for Horace Mann and Roosevelt schools. ($736.00)

Kennedy Elementary
iPad in the Classroom—Utilization of iPad technology in the Daily 5 Small Group Reading block and Math Small Group block. ($438.00)

Kennedy Elementary
Trauma Focused Resources for Kids—Special resources for counseling children who have experienced trauma. ($604.15)

Lincoln Elementary
A Place for Everyone—Development of personal space for students during whole group instruction. ($1,119.96)

Lewis and Clark Elementary
5th Grade Chimes—Additional chimes so students can participate in music classes and concerts. ($530.00)

Madison Elementary
Foster Grandparent Program Reading Assistance—Support for Foster Grandparents to partner with students to improve reading levels. ($296.80)

Carl Ben Eielson Middle School
Sensory Supports/Materials for use with Students with AST/Asperger’s Syndrome—Support for project that will explore benefits of sensory supports/materials. ($234.94)

Davies High School
Davies Art Expo Exhibition Support—Permanent materials to support formal presentation of student artwork. ($2,000.00)

Woorodw Wilson H.S.
Bus Passes for Students—Support for students who do not have transportation to attend classes. ($300.00)

Early Literacy Tool Box—Even Start Family Literacy Program—Support for family literacy program that provides opportunity for economically challenged families. ($517.63)

FPS Elementary Enrichment Scholarships—Scholarships to allow students to participate in a variety of summer educational classes. ($600.00)

ELL Parent Classes—Support for community project that teaches English to community members. ($2,000.00)

CHARISM—Neighborhood Support Centers—Training for teachers in the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA). ($500.00)

For more information on the Foundation’s grant program, contact Executive Director Carol Johnson at 446-1041, or email johnsoc4@fargo.k12.nd.us.