Woodrow, ALC Classes Combine For Food, Cultural Experience

Last week, students in the Cultures and Cuisine cooking class at Woodrow Wilson High School at Agassiz took part in a two-day learning experience with their neighbors down the hall.

On Jan. 9, the high school students spent time interviewing fellow students in the Adult Learning Center’s English Second Language classes – New Americans from Eritrea, Congo, Rwanda, and Iran – about their countries and culture.

The next day, the two groups joined together in the classroom of FACs instructor Colleen Taylor to teach the Woodrow students how to create traditional dishes from their home countries. Together, the groups tackled an Eritrean recipe for Zigni (chicken, onion, tomatoes, garlic, and hard-boiled eggs) with Injera (maize pancake); Mirza Ghasemi, an Iranian eggplant dip (served with pita bread) made with eggs, tomato and garlic; and an African recipe for soup that used beef, onion, carrots, green peppers, and tomato paste.