Long Range Facility Planning Continues With Data Gathering

By Dr. Jeffrey Schatz, Superintendent of Schools

This school year, the Fargo Public Schools Board of Education is embarking on a review of the District’s Long Range Facility Plan (LRFP). The plan was last modified in 2010 and with the opening of Davies and movement of Woodrow Wilson High School to the Agassiz building, the plan is fulfilled. At this time, a strategic look at the entire FPS attendance area (along with the state of our buildings) has been taking place during the past two months. An ad hoc committee of the Board spent the fall (1) engaging consultants to assist the Board in the process, and (2) reviewing the District’s LRFP Guiding Principles.

The Board hired two companies to gather data to help District-wide decisions to be made – ICS Consulting and RSP and Associates. Since October, these companies have been working with the District to gather data on our attendance area and each of our buildings.

ICS Consulting is completing a comprehensive District-wide Facilities Assessment. They worked with principals and building engineers to complete an assessment of each facility.

RSP and Associates is conducting a series of analyses to include:

  • Enrollment Analysis
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Boundary Line Analysis

RSP is working with city, county, and other regional agencies to collect the data needed for their reports.

These companies will be presenting the first draft of their data and reports to the Board and Cabinet in a retreat this Saturday, January 12. The Board will review this data and begin the process of determining what steps to take as they decide how to align attendance boundaries and make decisions about District facilities for the present and future. It will be a busy spring filled with a good amount of discussion and decision-making, as we review our current situation and look to possible future adjustment to attendance boundary areas.