Presidents, Prognosticators Make Appearances In FPS Buildings

With so many national and state races and measures hotly contested on Tuesday, it’s no wonder that enthusiasm about the 2012 election trickled down into the classrooms across the District.

Staff and students were busy with a host of educational activities designed to educate students about the nation’s top job, and the political process that moves the country forward. Three buildings were particularly busy:

Lewis and Clark Elementary
Students in the fourth grade class of Ms. Susan Clark held a public event for parents and their fellow classmates on November 2 in the school’s library – a live “wax museum”-style display of U.S. presidents, one where the characters came to life with biographical descriptions at the push of a “button.” Students researched the president they portrayed, created a script and illustrative posters, and dressed in simple costume for the part.

Washington Elementary
Members of the north-side school’s student council – 4th and 5th graders – came up with an idea to hold a mock election involving all grades of the school. Council members created voting ballots for the different grade levels, ballot boxes and voting booths, and placed them in the main lobby of the school. They also took turns in pairs of two at the polling station, giving a short lesson to their younger classmates on the candidates for president, North Dakota Congressional and gubernatorial races, and on how to vote.

During a three-hour polling window on Tuesday from 9:00 – 12:00, students in grades K-5 voted for the following:

US President
Barack Obama: 166
Mitt Romney: 149

North Dakota Governor
Jack Dalrymple: 117
Ryan Taylor: 87

US Senate
Heidi Heitkamp: 104
Rick Berg: 97

Davies High School

As a part of lesson plans for social studies classes, a team of teachers led by Bart Manson developed a modern mock election and polling site, one designed for students to take roles in the duties of election officials at the polling place.

As their classmates and teachers dropped by to vote Tuesday, students checked personal identifications, escorted voters to laptop stations containing a survey-style ballot, and handed out “I Voted” stickers. Students from Mr. Chuck Lang’s journalism class conducted exit polling of voters after they voted.

The results from Davies are:

US President
Mitt Romney (R): 499
Barack Obama (D): 470
Jill Stein (Green): 43
Gary Johnson (Libertarian): 35
Virgil Goode (Constitution): 8

US Senate
Rick Berg (R): 557
Heidi Heitkamp (D): 492

US House of Representatives
Kevin Cramer (R): 591
Pam Gulleson (D): 339
Eric Olson (Libertarian): 108

ND Governor/Lt. Governor
Jack Dalrymple & Drew Wrigley (R): 627
Ryan Taylor & Ellen Chaffee (D): 311
Paul Sorum & Michael Coachman (Independent): 51
Roland Clifford Reimers & Anthony Johns (Independent): 49