Meet Our Newest Leaders, Part 8 Of 8

Travis Christensen has been with the Fargo Public Schools and North High School since 2008, beginning as a social studies teacher and assistant coach. Over the summer, he became an assistant principal at North and the school’s activities director.

Why did you initially want to get into the field of education?
My mother was a special education teacher, so I was always around the school and it became a place that I was familiar with.  Beyond that, during my high school career I realized how big of an impact my teachers were having on my own education and life and I wanted to fill that role for others.

What did you do before accepting your most current position?
For the past four years, I have been teaching in the Social Studies department here at North High School. I have also been assisting with the football staff during that time and for two years I also assisted in the girls’ basketball program.

Tell us about your family:
I currently live in Moorhead with my wife, Anne, and our daughter, Claire.  Anne works at Essentia Hospital as a Labor and Delivery Nurse where she gets to put her incredible caring spirit and contagious sense of humor to use every day as she helps new mothers and fathers. Claire will be two at the end of September, and her mother and I are quickly learning how independent she is becoming. She is quick with a laugh and always makes me look forward to coming home.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy working out, running, and generally being active.  I also am a bit of a sports junkie and try to take in as many area events as possible during the year. Beyond that I enjoy being at home with my family and just being a dad.

What about FPS makes you most proud?
I think that what stands out the most is the fact that our students have been presented with so many amazing opportunities for personal growth and exploration in this District. The District and community as a whole have truly made it a point to make a world class educational experience available to our students and it is humbling to be a part of that.