Social Networks Seminar With Fargo PD Tonight

As our youth immerse themselves in the electronic world, parents and educators sometimes find themselves left behind.

Tonight at 7:00 p.m. at South High, Fargo Public Schools will host the community seminar, “Online Social Networks: Trends and Challenges in the Digital Age.” The event will be led by Fargo Police Department Investigations Officer Paula Ternes, who will discuss developing trends and issues in online social networks, electronic harassment and misbehavior, online predators and preventative practices for parents. Ternes will highlight several case studies of real incidents.

Tonight’s free event is part of the year-long “Together 4 Kids” seminar series hosted by the District. It is co-sponsored by the Cass County Extension Service/NDSU Parenting Resource Center.

South High School is located at 1840 South 15th Avenue.