The Glass Paper Project

This fall, the Fargo Public Schools will begin a multi-year effort to leverage technology for learning in secondary classrooms by deploying personal learning devices to students. Dubbed “The Glass Paper Project,” it is a journey that will transform our secondary classrooms into 21st century learning environments – where technology feeds the ability to learn from a wider variety of resources both in and out of the classroom, 24 hours a day.

The Glass Paper Project is part of a long-term technology plan. The project recognizes that the learning needs of students have changed. With increased access and reliance on electronic resources, the need to develop information literacy skills grows stronger for each generation. Developing habits and skills for lifelong learning is essential as students look to a future in college and careers where many jobs are yet to be invented.

Teachers’ roles are also changing to adjust to this transition. When information is available at the click of a button, teacher’s carefully guide students to select and evaluate resources, ask challenging questions, and solve problems that are relevant to their lives.

Next month, the first participants in the project – South High School students enrolled in Biology, Western Civilization, and English II classes (most of them sophomores) – will begin using the first generation of devices, Lenovo PC laptops. They provide not only a cost advantage, but flexibility with cloud-based applications such as Google Apps – a suite of Web-based collaborative tools that students and teachers will be using in Fargo Public Schools.

Devices will be reviewed as part of each deployment. The device that best addresses the learning needs of our students and fits within our price constraints will be selected. That choice of device for second semester deployment will be made in December.

North High School sophomores will begin their participation in the Glass Paper Project in January 2013. Additionally in January, two teams of sixth grade students from each of the middle schools will begin a pilot.

In Part Two of the series next week, learn more on the January rollout of the project.

More information on the Glass Paper Project is available on our website.