Meet Our Newest Leaders: Part 3 Of 8

Several new faces joined the Fargo Public Schools this summer in leadership positions. In our series on those new leaders, meet the new superintendent, Dr. Jeffrey Schatz.                                     

Why did you initially want to get into the field of education?
Originally to teach and coach and to make a difference in the lives of the students I had the opportunity with which to work.  Over the years, I wanted to get more involved in the bigger process of education as I moved into the role of a principal. I continued to learn more and enrolled in my Masters and Doctoral programs.  My vision is very clear as I begin my role as the District Superintendent – to support and empower our staff to provide world class experiences for our students.  Ultimately, to ensure that each child who enrolls in one of our schools has access to every opportunity they want to pursue and to ensure that they will receive the education and guidance they need along the way.

What did you do before accepting your most current position?
I was the principal at Fargo Davies High School.

Tell us about your family:
My wife, Gretchen, and I are Fargo natives.  She attended Fargo South and I attended Fargo North.  We have been married for 27 years.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Spend time at the lake and time with family.

What about FPS makes you most proud?
Fargo is a progressive and fast-paced community.  FPS has kept pace with the growth and expansion of not only economic growth but also the diversity of cultures that now is part of the area communities.  I am most proud of the dedication that all of the employees in the District bring to their jobs every day.  We are one of if not the most important organizations helping to shape the future of our community.  Educating students so that they are ready to enter the workforce or college setting with 21st century skills is something that we take pride in and will continue to improve as our community demands.  As we enter a new school year all of the employees in the district should take stock and reflect on a job well done!