Fourth Graders Plant Seeds Of Knowledge At Bennett

Fourth graders at Bennett Elementary have put new plant science knowledge to use, in a large garden on the school’s south side near the playground.

Yesterday afternoon, around 100 students, staff, PTA members, and representatives from NDSU’s Plant Sciences Department (whose students came to the school earlier in the spring to visit and teach about plants) planted 200 plants and seedlings into the ground.

In its first season, the garden will grow tomatoes, peppers, corn, eggplant, potatoes, onions, marigolds, peas and squash. Volunteers, including a local 4-H group that includes some Bennett third graders, have agreed to maintain the garden each week over the summer. The students will evaluate their options for the harvest in the fall; current options discussed include selling the produce at the local farmers’ market, or having it used as ingredients in the Bennett/District lunch program.

Bennett’s garden project is made possible by grant and PTA funding.