Eagle Chefs Bring Home State Culinary Title

(Left to right) Davies High School students Adan Abdi, Lindsey Agnes, and Gloria Albert competed in the first-ever North Dakota FCCLA Culinary Arts Competition at NDSU on February 10 against a team from Minot High School.

Last Friday ushered in a new era of culinary skill in FCCLA kitchens of high schools across the state of .  The first-ever North Dakota FCCLA Culinary Arts State STAR Events Competition took place at NDSU, pitting two teams of student chefs from Davies and Minot High Schools against one another in a food preparation face-off for the state’s first title.  The competition was open to high schools that have an FCCLA program that provides on-the-job training. (Both schools have an onsite student-operated restaurant.)

Students raced against the clock during the two-hour event, which included team planning, gathering of ingredients and equipment, food preparation, and plating (presentation to the judges).

Each team prepared a course of three items that one might find in any  finer restaurant: Shaved Fennel and Pear Salad with Parmesan, Herbed Apple Glazed Chicken, and Spiced Brussels Sprouts.  They were scored on proper techniques, safety and sanitation, plating and other criteria.  The event also included a written exam that would serve as a tie-breaker.

Both teams received silver medals for their performance. Davies High School finished with the higher point total, allowing them to move on as the state representative in the national STAR Events competition in Florida in July.

(Photos courtesy Davies FCCLA Advisor Lana Duffey-Feeley.)