Do You Know The Board? (Part 6 Of 9)

Read this week’s profile on Robin Nelson, the sixth of nine Q&A features on Board members of the Fargo Public Schools. Each Board member was asked to comment on several things, including their service, the challenges facing the District, and who they see as the District’s next leader.

Board member since: 2003
Children: Nick, 20, attending UND; Brad,15, attending North High
Occupation: Executive Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Red River Valley/Fargo Youth Commission

What was the reason you ran for a Board position?
I was appointed after a Board member tragically lost his life in a car accident.  I had been attending every Board meeting for 1 ½ years while working on another project, so I applied for the appointment out of obligation.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

What do you see as big challenges for the District going forward?  Challenges for K-12 education in North Dakota?
Opportunities include optimally educating a very diverse group of students with equally diverse learning styles, home lives, and aspirations.  Education must be tailored to the student, as opposed to making the student conform to a one-size-fits-all delivery model.

The most immediate and sweeping challenge is this June’s ballot Measure No. 2 to eliminate property tax levies.

Something you’re proud of as a representative of the Fargo Public Schools:
With very few exceptions, everyone here is very passionate about what they do.  We’re all about giving our students and community the best possible education.  As a family, we enthusiastically jumped at the chance to return to Fargo due to the quality of the schools; and now I’m even more proud to be so intricately linked to its success.  

What qualities will you look for in the District’s next superintendent?
Leadership, charisma, professionalism, diplomacy skills, and vision.