Do You Know The Board? (Part 2 Of 9)

How did you do with last week’s question? (Can you name all nine members of the Fargo Board of Education?) This week, we feature Rusty Papachek.

Board member since:  2010
Family:  Neva (wife), Coy (son, freshman at Concordia), Kinsey (daughter, sophomore at Davies)
Occupation: General Manager of West Acres Shopping Center

What was the reason you ran for a Board position? 
I wanted to be a part of the process and vision to ensure that our children continue to receive a quality educational experience.

What is something you’ve learned through your service to the District that you didn’t know before becoming a Board member? 
I didn’t realize the amount of time and dedication that our staff and administration devote to our students on a day-to-day basis to provide them every opportunity to succeed.

What do you see as big challenges for the District going forward?  Challenges for K-12 education in North Dakota? 
Our district will face two large votes in the next couple of years that could dramatically change the landscape of our educational success.  In 2012, taxpayers will vote on the Measure 2 Property Tax Amendment and by 2015 they will vote on the Excess Mill Levy Amendment.

Something you’re proud of as a representative of the Fargo Public Schools: 
The quality of the educational experience that we’re able to provide while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

What qualities will you look for in the District’s next superintendent? 
Our next superintendent needs to be a great communicator with a proven record of leadership ability and a clear vision to build on the success of the district.   It is very important for our next leader to have a “students-first” mentality with a focus on district-wide performance.  The next superintendent must also have a solid background in finance to ensure that we adhere to our budget.