The “Power Of One”

Do you worry about the pressures that a young person you know – a friend, or perhaps even your son or daughter – will face this year when they return to school?

We all remember some part about our early years that brought us discomfort, pain, confusion, or pressure that we didn’t ask for. How do we help today’s children avoid or respond to those issues?

Dr. Stephen Sroka

On Wednesday evening, Aug. 24, the District will welcome renowned children’s health expert Dr. Stephen Sroka for a community-wide parents meeting in the South High Theater at 7:00 p.m. Sroka will bring his message “The POWER of ONE – Making a Difference” to the public – a high-energy presentation that creates simple strategies for adults to help young people deal with the generational issues of early sexuality, bullying, drugs, violence and other pressures.  The presentation – part of two days of visits with teachers, students, and parents – centers on supporting children’s understanding of positive life decisions and empowering their sense of self.

Dr. Sroka knows the subject of his presentations all too well. He grew up in abject poverty in a single parent household, and endured a challenging childhood.  In the third grade, he was labeled as “retarded” by his teacher. In the ninth grade, young Stephen endured two hip operations following a school fight, and was told he might never walk again. After graduating high school, he worked full-time to get his family off of welfare before entering college.

Today, after over 30 years in education, Dr. Sroka is an adjunct assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, the Oprah Winfrey Show, and in the national press, and has authored over a dozen books and over 30 articles on children’s health and safety. A prolific public speaker, Dr. Sroka has presented in thousands of schools, hospitals, colleges, churches, Indian reservations, clinics, and various community and convention settings to audiences of all ages.

Dr. Sroka’s visit is made possible by funding from the Dakota Medical Foundation and the United Way of Cass-Clay. For more information on Dr. Sroka, visit his website,