By Young Women, For Young Women: The “Sky Is NOT The Limit”

Following the runaway success of their 2010 event, South High DECA students hosted their second annual “The Sky is NOT the Limit” Breakthrough Conference on Tuesday, Jan. 25, at the NDSU Alumni Center.  Fifty female area high school students took part in the half-day workshop designed to expose them to the myths and realities of opportunities for women in the workplace and as entrepreneurs.

Roundtable discussionsUnder the influence of a cadre of the area’s successful women business owners, the annual conference inspires young women to follow their goals.  Through round table discussions, they learned how to create their own path for success.  Topics encompassed the financial aspects of a business, running a franchise, creating a business for women, stepping “out of the box,” and turning creativity into success.

The list of visiting speakers at Tuesday’s event included Trisha Cyr of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Karen Stoker of the Hotel Donaldson and HoDo restaurant, Sue Bates of Great Harvest Bread Co., Barb Vetter of Bank of the West, Dr. Susan Mathison of Catalyst Medical Center, Grace Cummings Pas of Grace Electric, Linda Birmingham of Designingwomen2, and Paul Tefft of NDSU Research Park.

Tuesday’s event hosted by DECA students supports goals in the District’s Strategic PlanCharacter, Citizenship, and Life Skills.

Conference organizers
Conference organizers Aiden Bramel, Kelsey Helland, and Rachel Nelson