An Update On The Davies-South Activities Split

With the scheduled opening of Davies High School in the fall of 2011, it is important to note the progress of splitting high school activities at both Davies and South High Schools.  The split over the past year has continued on schedule, and will bring independent (non-blended) activities in most cases for both schools by the time the third high school opens.

Last year, the District divided the freshman and sophomore programs of all Davies and South athletic activities.  This year, Davies students have begun participating at the JV and varsity level independently of their South classmates in:

Fall:  Cross Country, Girls Golf, Cheerleading, Football, Volleyball, Boys Tennis, Boys Soccer
Winter:  B/G Basketball, Boys Hockey, Cheerleading, Danceline, Three-Act Play
Spring:  Baseball, Boys Golf, Track & Field, Girls Tennis, Girls Soccer, One-Act Play

For the 2010-11 year, boys and girls swimming, wrestling, gymnastics, girls hockey, softball, music, debate, speech, student congress, school newspaper, yearbook and other clubs will remain blended.

Participant numbers in activities for South and Davies this year have increased.  In some activities they are noticeably up, including volleyball and football.  Later this year (upon rollout of a new in-house software tool), the District will be able to provide at-a-glance analysis of participant data, and identify trends of participation comparing current and previous years.

As necessary, the District will reapply for cooperative activities if any of them appear to be short of the numbers required to field separate school groups for 2011-12.

Academic Letters
For their participation, Davies students do receive a varsity letter if they attain the required standards outlined in the respective activity’s lettering policy.

The District has had to do some additional scheduling of activities hosted at South and other venues as necessary.  The use of additional sites (e.g., fields at Discovery, the FARGODOME, Pepsi Soccer Complex and other Fargo Park District facilities) reduces wear, tear and expense on South infrastructure, allowing FPS to utilize alternative resources, locker rooms, and facilities.