Online Registration Forms for Coming School Year

Fargo Public Schools families, are you tired of filling out paperwork at Back to School night when you could be visiting with your child’s teacher? Starting this summer, parents/guardians of Fargo Public Schools (FPS) students will be able to complete all of their children’s registration paperwork online!


What are the benefits?

  • Save time by only having to enter family information once. Data collected from previous years will display on the form. All you need to do is verify the information online or change it if it is different than last year. And if you have more than one child, common information like address and contact info only needs to be entered once for the entire family.
  • The ability to make online payments for school fees and student lunch accounts. You can pay securely with a credit card, with no additional transaction fees.
  • Fill out the information anytime from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of all the paperwork because the system will save your progress as you complete the forms, allowing you to pick up where you left off if you don’t have the time to complete all the forms at once.
  • Your information is always current — because you are in control of updating your forms.

FPS families, here’s what you need to do NOW to be ready to take advantage of the online system:

Beginning August 1, parents/guardians of all Fargo Public Schools students will complete their children’s annual registration forms and make fee payments online. Access to these online forms and fee payments will be through the Fargo Schools PowerSchool site. It is very important that all FPS families register for a PowerSchool account BEFORE AUGUST 1.

If you have previously created a PowerSchool account for a middle or high school child, you must add any elementary children to your existing PowerSchool parent account BEFORE AUGUST 1. You do not need to create a new account for each child.

In addition to online registration forms, PowerSchool gives parents access to their child’s attendance records and lunch account balance, and access to their middle and high school child’s daily assignments and current grades (these last two features are not yet available for elementary students).

Instructions for creating a parent account in the FPS PowerSchool system were mailed out on May 15. Access codes necessary for attaching your children to this PowerSchool account were included with that letter. If you cannot locate these codes, please contact your child’s school office first. If there is no answer during regular business hours, you may then call 701.446.1030 or email  for assistance in retrieving access code information.

Please complete this PowerSchool process NOW to ensure you are ready to take advantage of the online registration forms, SchoolPay fee payments, and verify all of the family information for your child or children. Click HERE to go to PowerSchool and then click either “Sign In” or “Create Account.”

Families who do not have PowerSchool set up and registration forms completed prior to their child’s back-to-school orientation session in August will be asked to do so at the school during orientation. Middle and high school students will not receive their class schedule and/or school-issued laptop until a parent PowerSchool account is set up and registration forms have been completed.

If you do not have access to the internet at home, you may access the internet via computer kiosks available at your child’s school during open summer hours. You are strongly encouraged to call the school office prior to stopping in to verify that the building is open.

THANK YOU — and welcome to the ease of online information management!

District Announces Four Administration Positions Today

The Fargo Public Schools announces today the assignment of two administrative intern positions and the continuation of two administrative intern positions within the District.

Administrative interns are one- to two-year position assignments designed to develop and prepare candidates for possible leadership positions. Interns use leadership, supervisory, and administrative skills gained through gradual release of responsibilities and on-the-job experiences to assist the school principal and teaching staff to provide the best possible learning environment at their assigned school. Position responsibilities typically include teacher observations, teacher mentoring, implementation of professional development, overseeing curriculum improvement, budget development, management of human resources, and designing master schedules for their building. Administrative interns must hold a master’s degree and have a minimum of three years of classroom teaching experience.

Johnson, ElizabethElizabeth Johnson has been named the administrative intern at Horace Mann – Roosevelt Elementary Schools. Johnson will assume her new position with the start of the new school year.

Johnson is an alumnus of Minnesota State University-Moorhead and Fargo Public Schools, and is a Fargo native. She has been employed at Fargo Public Schools since 2002, most recently serving as the lead teacher and a second grade instructor at Horace Mann Elementary since 2008. Johnson has been the Horace Mann School Improvement Program co-chair for the last five years, chair of the school’s literacy portfolio, chair of the writing committee, and responsible for delivering professional development. Johnson also served for six years at Madison Elementary, beginning in 2002 as a Literacy Coach and Title Reading teacher, and then as a third and sixth grade teacher. In addition, she has served on the District Progress Report committee for the past eight years, along with other District committees. Johnson began her teaching career in 1993 in Texas, where she served as a special education, then fifth grade, third grade, and gifted and talented teacher for a total of nine years before returning to North Dakota in 2002.

Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Minnesota State University-Moorhead and a Master’s degree in Education from Saint Catherine University (St. Paul, MN). She holds her Elementary Principal Credential from NDSU and is in the process of completing her Education Leadership Specialist degree.

Schneck, DavidDavid Schneck has been named the administrative intern at Bennett and Lewis & Clark Elementary Schools. Schneck will assume his new position with the start of the new school year, at Bennett Elementary. He will serve the second half of the 2015-16 school year at Lewis & Clark.

Schneck is an alumnus of Minnesota State University-Moorhead and Mayville State University, and is a North Dakota native. He has been serving as the student performance strategist at Centennial Elementary since 2013. Prior to that, Schneck was a math specialist and fourth grade teacher with the West Fargo Public Schools. He has presented at both Title I and RtI conferences in North Dakota. Schneck began his teaching career in 2007 in Texas, where he served as a fourth grade teacher in an inner city Houston school district for four years. In 2008 he received the Houston Alliance of Black School Education Award. Schneck returned to North Dakota in 2011.

Schneck holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Physical Education (K-12) from Mayville State University and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University-Moorhead.

Williams, VincentVincent Williams has been assigned as the administrative intern at Lincoln Elementary School. Williams served as the administrative intern at Kennedy Elementary for the 2014-15 school year.

Williams is an alumnus of Minnesota State University-Moorhead (MSUM), and is originally from Chicago. He played football for the MSUM Dragons all four years while attending college. Williams was a social studies teacher at North High from 2005 through 2014. In addition, he served as the football assistant coach at North for two seasons, and the seventh and eighth grade football head coach for Ben Franklin Middle School for seven years. Williams also served as a wrestling, boys basketball, and boys track coach within the Fargo Public Schools. Williams served on the North High Leadership Team, participated in the FPS Social Studies Committee and the FPS Summer School Task Force, and has been involved with technology initiatives within the District. Williams began his employment with Fargo Public Schools in 2003 as a paraprofessional at Ben Franklin Middle School.

Williams holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Social Studies degree with a Minor in Economics from Minnesota State University-Moorhead, along with a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction degree from MSUM. He holds his Administration Credentials from North Dakota State University.

Kliniske, AaronAaron Kliniske will continue as the administrative intern at Clara Barton-Hawthorne Elementary Schools, a position he also held for the 2014-15 school year.

Kliniske is an alumnus of Mayville State University and a North Dakota native. He served as the lead teacher and a fifth grade instructor at Longfellow Elementary from 2010 through 2014 and was the head softball coach at North High School through the 2014 season. He was the coordinator and supervisor of Longfellow’s after school sports, served on the school’s Math and Writing task forces, was the co-chair of their school improvement team, and was also a new teacher mentor. Kliniske taught grade four at Lewis & Clark Elementary and Kindergarten at Lincoln Elementary. In 2012 he was designated the Eastern Dakota Conference and North Dakota Class A Coach of the Year. Kliniske began his teaching career in 2003.

Kliniske holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Mayville State University, with a Minor in Coaching and Minor Equivalence in Physical Education. He also holds an Education Leadership degree from North Dakota State University.


Make Reading Fun!

The Bennett Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the building’s Adopt-A-School partner, Microsoft, teamed up to once again offer the Bennett Book Club during the 2014-15 school year. Open to all K – 5 students, it was designed to provide reading and comprehension practice in a fun, casual environment. More than 150 students and 20 adult leaders (a combination of Bennett parents and Microsoft volunteers) participated in this year’s program.

Students read an assigned book each week, then met with their grade level peers and an adult leader each Friday morning in March before the start of the regular school day for book discussion.

Volunteer Shane reads with a group of first graders.

Volunteer Shane reads with a group of first graders.

The Bennett Book Club has been offered for ten years, the last five of which have been coordinated by Microsoft Adopt-A-School volunteer Cindy Bloom. “We have 25 to 30% of Bennett’s students choose to participate each year. Given the program was offered on Friday mornings which can be a tricky time for parents to work into their family’s schedule, we feel very fortunate to be able to successfully reach so many students,” said Bloom.

One week’s reading list included these books (you might want to put them on your family’s summer reading list!):

  • Kindergarten – Stripes
  • 1st Grade – How I Became a Pirate
  • 2nd Grade – Testing the Ice:  A True Story About Jackie Robinson
  • 3rd Grade – The Stories Julian Tells
  • 4th Grade – The Voyage of the Frog
  • 5th Grade – The Borrowers

“A primary driver for kids’ interest in the program is certainly the fact that they all like books, but I also think they really enjoy the social aspect of getting to connect with their peers in something outside their standard classroom interaction,” shared Bloom. “The Bennett teachers and staff have also been great supporters and offer a lot of encouragement to the kids to be involved in Book Club.”

This second grade book discussion group was led by Jason, a Microsoft volunteer.

This second grade book discussion group was led by Jason, a Microsoft volunteer.

There was a small fee for students to participate in the program, which covered the cost of materials, books, and a book bag. Scholarships were available and Bennett PTA and Microsoft also subsidized the program. Students also received a completion pin to add to their book bag for successfully concluding the reading program.

Practice reading skills over the summer months with the Fargo Public Library’s fun-themed Summer Reading Programs, which kick off on June 1:

Students Work to Make a Change

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Day of Affirmation address delivered at the University of Capetown, South Africa, June 6, 1966

A small, committed group of students at Discovery Middle School are working to make a change.

After reading about a similar group in another state, several of sixth grade Language Arts teacher Tammy Linn’s READ 180 students asked if they could start an anti-bullying group at Discovery Middle School. “We didn’t see bullying, but knew that there may be some going on now or in the future. The students wanted to be pro-active,” stated Linn. She developed weekly curriculum and volunteered her time as the group’s advisor.

The students’ proposal to Discovery administrators included words wise beyond their 12 years of age:

We would like to start an anti-bullying club. We don’t want kids to be ashamed of what they are. We don’t want kids hurting themselves and others. We want to stop bullies. We want kids to feel safe and supported. Too many people are getting bullied in different schools, and they don’t know how to stand up for themselves. They are scared to stand up for other people, too. We want to teach them how to stand up against bullying (without physical violence).

A group of 20 – 30 students have met weekly on Thursday mornings before school since January. The group’s goals for their inaugural year were to increase awareness of bullying incidents, educate students on how to identify and deal with different types of bullying, and facilitate a change in the school’s culture – to establish that bullying is not acceptable at school or anywhere, and to promote respect among students.


The group implemented several school-wide fun and educational activities during the last five months, including their “Take a Smile” campaign (pictured above).  More than 1,500 tear-off “smiles” with positive messages were taken and read by students throughout the school. Club members distributed 935 “I’m supported” messages with pencils (“Love Bombs”) to students on Valentine’s Day.  In addition, they held an anti-bullying poster contest with prizes donated by Courts Plus to the top five winners (pictured below). Simple, yet effective, ways to raise awareness and positively impact the atmosphere of their school.

Poster 2

The year finished with an “I am” t-shirt project.  Members were given neon green t-shirts and wrote “I am” on the back and their name on the front.  Then, students rotated through the group and wrote positive comments about the wearer on the back of each t-shirt (pictured below).

photo 3

“It has been amazing to see our students work together to recognize bullying and help stop it. And, even better, they have gotten to know students from other teams and feel comfortable working together to be more pro-active bystanders. 100% of my students reported that they have seen bullying. And, the vast majority said they didn’t do anything about it because they were scared. Today, they feel more confident and are willing to stand up as bystanders and help the victim and squelch the bully,” shared Linn.

Club activities became a means of making friends and breaking down walls between students, which contributed to mutual respect and understanding. Club member Olivia Quinlan commented, “The anti-bullying club was amazing.  We met new people and learned how we can work together to fight bullying.  It gave me the courage to stand up against a bully.” Club member Ethan Bannerman said, “The Anti-bullying Club was awesome!  It helped me learn about bullying and what to do.  And, if more people came, they would know what to do, too.”

Sixth grade Language Arts teacher Robecca Fisher has noticed the impact this group of students has made on others. “The students recognized a need and found a way to deal with it. I have seen the positive changes in the sixth grade students I work with,” said Fisher.

Mr. Kennedy just might have been on to something. The Discovery Anti-bullying Club is scheduled to continue for the 2015-16 school year due to the change it has had on the school’s climate and culture.

Congratulations – End of the School Year is Here

photo portrait of Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey SchatzBy Fargo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Schatz




A Fast Year…
Once again we have come to the end of another school year.  The old adage, “the older you get, the faster the years seem to slip by,” has come true for me.  It seems like just yesterday that I was starting my annual visit to each school at the beginning of the school year.  The school year has quickly passed, but much has been accomplished.

As I visit schools and see teachers and students engaged in meaningful and productive activities, I am reminded of the effort it takes to educate over 11,100 students at a high level.  A teaching and support staff of over 1,875 employees ensures that this happens every day.  Thank you to all of our staff for the dedication you bring each day to our schools.  Your efforts make the difference in the lives of our students, and you should be proud of all the things you do to support their education.  Congrats on a job well done!

This weekend I have the opportunity to attend four District graduation ceremonies – Woodrow Wilson graduation on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. at Agassiz, and the three comprehensive high schools on Sunday at the FargoDome: 12:00 p.m. for North, 3:00 p.m. for South, and 6:00 p.m. for Davies. More than 760 graduates will walk across the stage and receive a well-deserved diploma.

The graduation celebrations that will occur over the next few days highlight the ending of one stage in life and the coming of a new frontier in which each graduate will take their first steps as they leave the stage. It is an exciting time as the graduates think of their future and the families reflect on the years gone by – too fast – and now the reality that their student is grown. It all comes back full circle year after year. Thank you to our parents and the community for your support of these graduates.  You have played a significant role in their success, and for that, congrats on a job well done!

Just as the school year ends, the Fargo Public Schools summer programs begin.  Starting June 3, hundreds of students will be participating in summer programs for academics, fine arts, technology, and athletic programs. In addition, teachers will be participating in summer tech camps, curriculum writing, and many other professional development activities.  Finally, our buildings will be home to many different community summer programs. Summer is a very busy time in our schools.

On behalf of the Board of Education and the Fargo Public Schools District Office staff, have a great summer!

A Small Gesture with a World of Meaning

As another school year comes to a close, volunteers across the Fargo Public School District have been recognized for their assistance to provide enhanced educational experiences our students. A shy smile, a handshake, a handmade card, and a hug good-bye. Most of the acknowledgements have happened out of the public eye, in a classroom, a school hallway, or even at a building exit. Inadequate “payment” for the selfless giving of time, caring words, and personal attention so many community individuals, businesses, and service organizations have shared with our students.

On behalf of all those students who received and benefited greatly from your donated time, words of encouragement, and undivided attention, we can only say, “Thank You, Volunteer!” Simple words to be sure, but know they contain a world of meaning, full of heartfelt richness.


Carrie_Spears_croppedVolunteer Carrie Spears from Park Company Realtors receives a handmade card and token of thanks from her Hawthorne Elementary Lunch Buddy, second grader Tanner McKinnon.






Krump_and_RudAshley Krump (left) and Mariah Rud (right) from Dawson Insurance, who volunteer as Lunch Buddies for Clara Barton fourth grade students Lulu Espinoza and Kiara Samuel, were awarded plaques of appreciation at their workplace.






HatField-Clemenson_DiannaMcKinley staff celebrated with their special volunteers on May 14 at a Volunteer Appreciation Day. An award was given to Dianna Hatfield-Clemenson, a Fargo Rotary Club member, who has been a regular Breakfast Buddy for the entire school year. She also worked with Lilana LoneBear, a McKinley fourth grader, to start an after-school book club for other fourth grade students.

2015 Graduation Ceremonies for Fargo Public Schools

Congratulations to this year’s Fargo Public Schools high school graduates! The public is invited to attend the ceremonies scheduled to recognize these graduates and their educational achievements:

Friday, May 29 at 7:00 p.m.
Woodrow Wilson High School
Gymnasium #2, Agassiz Building, 1305 South 9th Avenue, Fargo

Keynote Speaker is Nancy Jordheim, Retired Fargo Public Schools Director of Human Resources. Master of Ceremonies is Caitlyn Day, a Woodrow student. More than 40 graduates are expected to participate in the ceremony.

Sunday, May 31 – All at the Fargo Dome
The following three graduation ceremonies will each be broadcast live on the Fargo Public Schools You Tube channel, accessible through the following link: FPS YouTube Live Events or through each high school’s home page on the District website (listed individually below).

North High School at 12:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors by the Fargo Public Schools AFJROTC ND Unit #20061.
Nation Anthem sung by senior Chance Olsen.
Welcome and Closing addresses by senior Ashley Blazek.
Student speakers are seniors Beth Podoll and Sarah Tarvestad.
Musical performances by the North High Band under the direction of Brian Tessman, and by the North High Concert Choir under the direction of Shelley Zietz.
There are 223 graduates. 

South High School at 3:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors by the Fargo Public Schools AFJROTC ND Unit #20061.
Speakers are Kyle Glander (Presider), Anna Lawley (Welcome), Grant Skrove and Laurie Heggedal (Commencement Address), and Michelle Bruer (Closing).
Musical performance of Pomp and Circumstance by the South High Band under the direction of Sebastian Tackling, and Star Spangled Banner and Earth Song by the South Concert Choir under the direction of Sara Lichtblau.
There are 221 graduates.

Davies High School at 6:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors by the Fargo Public Schools AFJROTC ND Unit #20061.
Presiding speaker is senior Austin Braham, and student speaker is senior Adam Vareberg.
Musical performances by the Davies Concert Choir and Vivace Show Choir under the direction of Deb Wald and by the Davies High School Band under the direction of Darcy Brandenburg.
There are 272 graduates.


Online Registration Forms Coming to FPS!

Fargo Public Schools will offer online registration forms and payments beginning with the 2015-16 school year.

Westrick, WilliamBy Fargo Public Schools Information Technology Director Bill Westrick

Every August, parents of Fargo Public Schools (FPS) students are asked to update their family and child’s information. An envelope full of colorful forms comes in the mail or is handed out at Back To School Night, and each form needs to be filled in from scratch. If you have more than one FPS student, you find yourself entering your family information over and over again. Once the forms are completed, you then visit the school to turn in the forms, and stand in line to pay any fees for the year. The forms are then processed manually by office staff, who have to decipher the handwriting of thousands of parents. It seems like there should be a better way of doing all of this, doesn’t it? Well, now there is.

I am happy to announce that Fargo Public Schools is moving to online registration forms and online fee and lunch payments this summer. For parents of existing FPS students these forms will even be pre-loaded with information submitted last year, allowing you to simply and quickly verify information or change individual items as needed. At the end of the information verification process, you can also choose to pay your child’s 2015-16 school fees online via credit card with no transaction fees, including lunch payments! These online payments are managed by SchoolPay, a company dedicated to providing secure, reliable online school payments.


The first step in being able to use the online registration/fee payments system is to make sure you have a Powerschool parent account and that you have attached your children to that account. An easy access link to PowerSchool is posted on the District’s website homepage. Once you have done this, you are ready for the fall enrollment forms verification, which will open at the beginning of August. Parents who have never created a Powerschool parent account or haven’t attached all of their children to the account should have received a letter explaining how to create this account and connect all of your children’s records to that account. If you have not received this communication, or need another copy, please contact your current school office. The communication includes personalized account ID and password information necessary for account set up. For families without internet access, computer kiosks will be available to use at each school during regular business hours.

boysatlunch_size500The lunch payment process is already up and running, so if you want to try out the new system and add some money to your child’s account or check your child’s meal history, you can do so. Just log into Powerschool with your parent account, click the icon in the upper right corner of the window, and select SchoolPay from the menu that appears. You can view recent meal history or securely enter your credit card information and make a payment to your child’s account. Lunch payments are processed every ten minutes, so your child’s lunch balance at school will increase shortly after completing the online transaction.

Welcome to online registration forms and payments, along with greater efficiency and processing speed!

The Party Continues…Happy Birthday, ND!

North Dakota turned 125 years old on November 2, 2014 and the Fargo Public Schools (FPS) middle schools have celebrated all school year long by inviting student and staff to tell their North Dakota stories.

Last November, FPS middle school libraries celebrated North Dakota’s 125th birthday by displaying books with North Dakota ties. (Pictured to the left is the book display from Discovery Middle School.) This spring, the celebration continued with the My North Dakota Story event. Students and staff were invited to tell their story related to the time they’ve spent in North Dakota. North Dakota Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley and his wife Kathleen recorded their North Dakota Story in order to inspire students and staff to tell their own stories.


Stories could be told through paragraphs, short stories, essays, and poetry. The goal of this event was to develop a sense of community among our students, and to invite others to reflect on what makes North Dakota unique, because when we appreciate the place we live, we are more willing to take care of it and the people who live there with us.

The middle schools once again created displays to feature the event submissions.  Discovery Middle School’s display featured the North Dakota-themed artwork of Discovery Art Instructor Steven Knutson. (Can you find Knutson “photobombing” the photo?)


Bruer_Emily_2014_CBE_7thThis event tied in well with the middle level North Dakota Studies and Writing curriculums. Read the acrostic poem submitted by Carl Ben Eielson seventh grader Emily Bruer as her My North Dakota Story entry.



Gravdahl, TheresaMany middle school staff members submitted entries as well; read the short narrative by Theresa Gravdahl, a physical education instructor at Ben Franklin Middle School.



All entries were put on display at each of the schools for everyone to share in the spirit of community and sense of place. Ben Franklin Middle School showcased their school’s My North Dakota Story entries on a bulletin board located on the first floor of the building.


Participating My North Dakota Story students got their name entered in prize drawings for North Dakota-made products, including items from Dot’s Pretzels, Widman’s Candy, and the Honey B Soap Company, along with other goodies made by North Dakotans.


Student announcements at the middle schools periodically featured interesting facts about North Dakota to keep the momentum going for the project. Some examples include:

  • Snow fooling! North Dakota holds the Guinness World Record for the most snow angels made simultaneously in one place. On Feb. 17, 2007 at
    the state Capitol grounds in Bismarck, 8,962 people made snow angels. (INFORUM, 2014)
  • Bison weren’t the first animals here in North Dakota. The Hell Creek fossil beds in western North Dakota hold remains of some of the last dinosaurs: triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, hadrosaurs… and others. (INFORUM, 2014)

Whether it was by creating a poem, recording a documentary, or learning more about what makes our state a “legendary” place to live, FPS middle school students celebrated 125 years of North Dakota statehood in grand style. Happy Birthday, North Dakota! Here’s to the next 125 years!

Special recognition for My North Dakota Story project coordination goes to Kimberly Rensch, Fargo Pubic Schools middle school gifted services and English Language Arts facilitator, and the library media specialists at the District’s three middle schools: Heather Miller (Ben Franklin), Judith Seibel Carl Ben Eielson), and Patricia Donat (Discovery).

All images courtesy Kimberly Rensch and Patty Donat.

2015 Staff Recognition Program

2015 Accolades and Awards 

At surprise presentations made during the month of April at school assemblies and departmental meetings, three Fargo Public Schools (FPS) staff members were honored for their outstanding performance and service this school year to the students, families and schools of the Fargo Public School District.

Myrold, MatthewMatthew Myrold, special education teacher at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School, received the Teacher of the Year award due to his passion and dedication to his profession, creating a caring classroom culture, and his belief that all students have the capacity to be successful.



Hofmann, TamaraTamara Hofmann, English Language Learners social worker, was named the Support Staff of the Year award based on her caring, compassionate, and positive actions as an advocate and cultural bridge for the District’s ELL students and their families.



photo portrait of John NelsonJohn Nelson, principal of Ben Franklin Middle School, was awarded the Administrator of the Year award based on his positive attitude, strong leadership skills, commitment to family, and advocacy for education.




The District was overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of nominations submitted by community members for consideration for these three awards. Colleagues, students, and parents submitted narratives that told of nominees’ amazing levels of dedication, positive attitudes, abounding creativity, and sincere commitment to students and education, along with heart-warming examples of student and staff success stories due to a nominee’s influence.

The FPS Staff Recognition Program is more than public recognition of a few people each year—it is truly about the amazing qualities and commitment to students and learning that the entire staff of teachers, administrators, and support staff members exhibits and shares with the community each and every day.

The Fargo Public School District wishes to congratulate and thank each and every 2015 Staff Recognition Program nominee and award winner for their dedication to their students, their school, and the District. Together, we are building a culture of excellence!

For additional information on the annual FPS Staff Recognition Program, including nomination criteria and a listing of past award winners, visit

Here are the listings of all the 2015 Staff Recognition Program Nominees:

The FPS Teacher of the Year recipient is forwarded to the North Dakota Department of Instruction as a candidate for the North Dakota Teacher of the Year, which is awarded in the fall. There were a record number of 83 nominees for the 2015 Fargo Public School District Teacher of the Year Award.

Name School/Location Position
Patti Bathie Ben Franklin Counselor
Shane Alderman South Science
Jan Anderson District Office Title 1 Coordinator
Kevin Anderson Washington Grade 3
Stacy Anderson Lewis & Clark Gifted Services
Rob Arneson Washington Grade 5
Kimberly Bollinger Bennett Grade 1
Brenda Cain Carl Ben Eielson Science – Grade 6
Susan Clark Lewis & Clark Grade 4
Joni Cochran Washington Grade 2
Julie Costello Carl Ben Eielson Social Studies – Grade 6
Karen Derby McKinley Kindergarten
Elizabeth Deutsch Hawthorne Grade 2
Jane Dibrito South Language Arts
Jason Edwards Discovery Science – Grade 6
Sharon Eide Clara Barton-Hawthorne Art
Adrienne Eider Davies Social Studies
KarenEriksmoen North Special Education – SLD
Debra Ertelt Jefferson Title 1 Reading
Sarah George Kennedy at Eagles Grade 3
Lisa Gingerich North Art
Jason Hall Centennial Grade 3
Deb Hallquist North Health Education
Elizabeth Hamernik Centennial Grade 2
Sally Hamilton Longfellow Grade 1
Renae Hansen Carl Ben Eielson Vocal Music
Julie Hawley North CTE – Family Science
Richard Henderson South Physical Education
Susan Honl Lewis & Clark Grade 2
Kristin Ide Longfellow Art
Susan Ista Kennedy Grade 3
Jamison Jensen McKinley Grade 4
Cindy Johnson Discovery Counselor
Heather Kenkel South ELL Math
Rachel Kenowski Jefferson Grade 1
Scott Klimek Clara Barton Grade 5
Julie Krejci Kennedy Counselor
Rose Krumwiede South Counselor
Leah LeClair Lewis & Clark Kindergarten
Joe Leggio North Special Education – ED
Nancy Leier Davies Art
Joy Lewis Davies Special Education –  SLD
Jenny Lindsay Kennedy Grade 3
Gregg Lura Discovery Independent Learning Center
Anita Mahnke Davies Counselor
Kaley Mari Bennett Grade 2
Kristi Marks Roosevelt Grade 3
Jessica McClafin North Counselor
Barb Michelson Madison Grade 3
Steven Muhs South AFJROTC
Matthew Myrold Carl Ben Eielson Special Education – ED
Sean Napton Discovery Counselor
Rebekah Olson Lewis & Clark Kindergarten
Tracy Osman Madison Special Education – SLP
Kimberly Pepin Lincoln Kindergarten
Marlene Pfeifer Ben Franklin Reading Intervention
Pat Pobst Hawthorne Kindergarten
Heidi Rohr Washington Kindergarten
Rebecca Saari Davies and Discovery Drama
Kristin Schaffhauser Lincoln Grade 2
Ron Schneider Woodrow Wilson Counselor
Mark Seeba Centennial Grade 4
Lindsay Seelig Davies Language Arts
Paul Shol North Math
Janelle Sigurdson Clara Barton Grade 5
Elizabeth Smithmeyer South Social Studies
Laura Sokolofsky Jefferson Counselor
Ashley Steiner Centennial Grade 2
Brock Stenberg Davies Math
Sandra Sterling Washington Grade 1
Kathyrn Strand Ben Franklin World Language – Latin
Ron Streit South CTE – Technology Educ.
Sebastian Tackling South Vocal Music
Derek Thompson McKinley Grade 4
Ann Tunheim Washington Special Education – SLP
Suzi Uggerud Kennedy Grade 1
Melanie Unser Kennedy Grade 3
Karla Volrath Washington Grade 1
Kristy Waldron Lewis & Clark Grade 5
Jayla Wheeldon  Kennedy Special Education – SLP
Alexandra Young Centennial Grade 5
Melissa Youngs Discovery Special Education – MI
Victor Youngs South Social Studies


There were 38 nominees for the 2015 Fargo Public School District Support Staff of the Year Award.

Name School/Location Position
Gloria Adelman South Copy Room Assistant
Jessica Anderson Agassiz SPED Social Worker
Calvin Anderson Centennial Engineer
Donna Anderson Lincoln Administrative Assistant
Anne Bramel Lewis & Clark Paraprofessional
Greta Christianson Roosevelt Library Assistant
Kirby Dahl Carl Ben Eielson Assistant Engineer
Julie Eiler Discovery Cook Secretary
Connie Erickson North Cook Assistant
Anita Folden Washington Administrative Assistant
Carol Forster Ben Franklin Paraprofessional
Michelle Fuglesten Madison Paraprofessional
Julie Graalum Lewis & Clark Office Assistant
Stacy Hanson Kennedy Office Assistant
Kaia Hanson-Ehrmantraut North Paraprofessional
Elizabeth Hellerud South Paraprofessional
Patty Hill Roosevelt Paraprofessional
Dave Hillrud Warehouse Electrician
Tamara Hofmann Agassiz ELL Social Worker
Allison Law North Paraprofessional
Mary Miller Washington Office Assistant
Stacie Moffitt Madison Paraprofessional
Barb Nelson Centennial Office Assistant
Sifa Ntivu-Bisimwa Davies Paraprofessional
Diane Resvick Lincoln Paraprofessional
Amy Riccio Agassiz Facilitator – Dropout Prevention
Dona Sabby Davies Registrar
Dennis Samuels Carl Ben Eielson Paraprofessional
Gail Sanders Centennial Paraprofessional
Marlene Schmidt Agassiz Secretary
Jeanne Schultz Discovery Library Assistant
Julie Schumacher Madison Paraprofessional
Cindy Sobolik Washington Office Assistant
Romelle Speral McKinley Administrative Assistant
Paul Stalcup Ben Franklin Kitchen Manager
Jan Tronnes South Nutrition Services Mngr – Secretary
Cindy Westby Discovery Library Assistant
Sue Winkelman Discovery Administrative Assistant


There were 11 nominees for the 2015 Fargo Public School District Administrator of the Year Award.

Name School/Location Position
Dana Carlson Washington Principal
Kathy Cieslak  North Assistant Principal
Troy Cody Davies Principal
Linda Davis Discovery Principal
Kerby Engen District Office Web Services
Brad Franklin Carl Ben Eielson Principal
Jerry Hanson Kennedy Principal
Sheryl Lehman District Office Director – Human Resources
John Nelson Ben Franklin Principal
Jennifer Schuldheisz Kennedy at Eagles Principal
Bill Westrick District Office Director – Information Tech.