creativity spelled out on canvas

Arts For Life

By Fargo Public Schools Curriculum Specialist Denese Odegaard In the new Every Student Succeeds Act (reauthorization of No Child Left Behind), music and the arts were enumerated as subjects important in a well-rounded education. Research proves that the arts benefit students academically and socially. Exposure to the arts promotes self-directed learning, collaboration, creativity, perseverance, improves…
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kids posing ringing bell

“Ringing” In The New Year

First Graders “Ring In” the Local Holiday Season of Giving Community Giving Trees and Salvation Army red kettles have appeared around town, signaling the annual holiday giving season. The 61 first graders from Washington Elementary School are proud to be participating in the bell ringing, and will continue to ring in the holidays until December…
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Add+Vantage Math Recovery

“This is at the heart of all good education, where the teacher asks students to think and engages them in encouraging dialogues, constantly checking understanding and growth.” William Glasser By Fargo Public Schools Elementary Math Facilitator Laurie Barlow Add+Vantage Math Recovery® (AVMR) is a professional development program that empowers teachers to provide “just right” instruction…
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student near screen

Benefits Of Career Expos

By Dr. Denise Jonas, Cass County Career & Technical Education Center Executive Director Remember back when you were a child or a high school student, all the thoughts and ideas you had about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Banker, dentist, marine, florist, professional football player. Maybe it was influenced by your…
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Training Young Reporters

Students Learn Secrets of a Successful Reporter  Mike Morken, Valley News Live news anchor, visited fifth graders at Clara Barton Hawthorne Elementary to have a round-table discussion with the Gifted & Talented reading group as part of a critical thinking unit. During Morken’s visit, the class discussed questioning strategies and reporting stories, as well as…
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